protective gear

“Nothing makes you feel like an 8 year old like riding a bike.”

~ D.Ricker; owner/operator Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services

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Triple 8 offers a more Urban/BMX style for your daily commute to the local ramp park. Pedalin' Fools always has a selection of Triple 8 helmets and protective pads in stock. Look for us at one of the local farmers' markets or find them online here


Kali Protectives offers helmets, armor, gloves and clothing all designed to keep you safe and comfortable on and off the bike.  Discover all that Kali offers here. Kali protective available through Pedalin' Fools.

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There is something special about Italian style.

Vittoria offers some of the most stylish and safe helmets and shoes available anywhere! While Pedalin' Fools offers a range of Vittoria products, not all are available in the US. For product pricing and availability please reach out directly by filling out the contact form below. To discover more about Vittoria style click here