Founded in 1974 as an American-based company, KHS designs, manufactures and distributes moderately priced and high quality bicycles and accessories. Since that time KHS has grown into a brand respected for quality, value, and integrity with distribution in more than 30 countries around the world. Visit their website by clicking here

Flite: Team Edition

KHS Aguila: 29"/27.5+ 

Argon 18 has risen to be one of the top high-end bicycle manufacturers worldwide through their innovative design, cutting edge-technology, and personal history in the cycling world. Their passion for high quality bicycles stems from a deep-rooted heritage in the bike racing community, and that dedication to riding has been translated to their high quality bicycles. Check out two of Pedalin' Fools favorite models, or browse their site by clicking here.

Gallium Pro Disc: 15th Anniversary Edition

E-118 tri+ disc:  Fast, fit, fearless

Van Dessel bicycles are built with durability, versatility, and practicality in mind with frames designed to accommodate a wide variety of wheel sizes and riding conditions. From road to gravel, the adventure begins with Van Dessel. Proud sponser of the Floyd's Pro Cycling team, Van Dessel is committed to creating quality bicycles with innovative design. Browse their site by clicking here

Motivus Maximus: Floyd's Pro Cycling

team bike 

Day Ripper: Reynolds 853. One bike, any road

Knolly uses precise engineering and in-house suspension design to create some of the best riding mountain bikes that the Pedalin' Fools staff has experienced. The Four by 4 rear suspension design is plush and active at the wheel, yet stable and efficient to pedal.  For more information about Knolly bikes visit their website here.

Fugitive LT: All mtn 135/150

Fugitive: Trail 120/140

With over 90 years of bicycle manufacturing heritage, Masi bicycles has long been synonymous with quality. Cycling legends, such as Fasto Coppi and Eddy Mercxk, rode frames that were handcrafted by Faliero Masi in his shop outside Florence, Italy. 

Today Masi offers a selection of race, performance, gravel, and city bikes. While they are no longer handcrafted in Italy, they still offer high quality bicycles.  Discover more about the Masi story here.

2020 Masi Evoluzione 

2020 Masi Strada Vita Tre


“Nothing makes you feel like an 8 year old like riding a bike.”

~ D.Ricker; owner/operator Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services


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