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“Nothing makes you feel like an 8 year old like riding a bike.”

~ D.Ricker; owner/operator Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services

Wolff logo.png

New to the Pedalin' Fools family of bikes, Wolff offers a wide spectrum of ebike models to suite most riding styles; from the lightweight and fast Orion, to the go anywhere ease of the Utopia, Wolff ebikes will make it easy and fun to win the race to zero emissions.

For more information about Wolff brand ebikes, please visit their website here

ebike wolff Orion

2023 Wolff Orion

ebike Wolff Utopia

2023 Wolff Utopia

Del Sol offers a wide variety of cruisers, comfort hybrids and pedal assist ebikes. 

 Utilizing a 350 watt Bafang hub drive motor, the LXI models shown provide pedal and throttle assist up to 20 MPH (Class 2). Follow the link for more ebike models from Del Sol 

Del Sol pedal assist ebike with throttle control, front suspension and disc brakes
Del Sol pedal assist ebike with throttle control, front suspension, and disc brakes

2023 LXI i/O Step through

2023 LXI i/O Throttle

Founded in 1974 as an American-based company, KHS designs, manufactures and distributes moderately priced and high quality bicycles and accessories. Since that time KHS has grown into a brand respected for quality, value, and integrity with distribution in more than 30 countries around the world. Visit their website by clicking here


2023 Grit 440

KHS hard tail mountain bike with disc brakes and front suspension

2023 KHS Aguila

Originally founded as a BMX bicycle company, Haro has since become well known for producing quality mountain bikes as well. For more information about the complete line of Haro bikes click here.

Haro bicycles logo
Haro hard tail mountain bike with disc brakes and front suspension
Haro full suspension mountain bike with SRAM and disc brakes

2022 Haro Double Peak Trail

2022 Haro Shift R5

Argon 18 logo

Through their innovative design and cutting edge-technology Argon 18 has risen to be one of the top high-end bicycle manufacturers. Their passion for high quality bicycles stems from a deep-rooted heritage in the bike racing community. That dedication to riding has been translated to their bicycles. Check out two of Pedalin' Fools favorite models, or browse their site by clicking here.


2023 Grey Matter Rival

2023 Sum Force AXS

Masi Bicycles logo

With over 90 years of bicycle manufacturing heritage, Masi has long been synonymous with quality. Cycling legends, such as Fasto Coppi and Eddy Mercxk, rode frames that were handcrafted by Faliero Masi in his shop outside Florence, Italy. 

Today Masi offers a selection of race, performance, gravel, and city bikes. While they are no longer handcrafted in Italy, they still offer high quality bicycles.  Discover more about the Masi story here.

Masi aluminium gravel bike with Shimano GRX and disc brakes

2022 Brunello GRX 22

Masi aluminum performance raod bike with Shimano 105 and disc brakes

2022 Vincere 105

Knolly uses precise engineering and in-house suspension design to create some of the best riding mountain bikes that the Pedalin' Fools staff has experienced. The Four by 4 rear suspension design is plush and active at the wheel, yet stable and efficient to pedal.  For more information about Knolly bikes visit their website here.


Fugitive LT: All mtn 135/150

Knolly Fugative full suspension mountain bike

Fugitive: Trail 120/140

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