Hello Folks,

 We hope everyone is managing the COVID-19 situation as best as can be expected! 

What is Pedalin Fools doing to manage the crisis from our perspective?  

Pedalin' Fools is currently operating under the guidelines set forth by the CDC, along with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of New Hampshire.  

The definition of an essential business outlined on the Commonwealth has been updated to include bicycle stores and services as essential businesses. The State of  New Hampshire also includes Pedalin' Fools, and all bike stores, as an "essential for transportation needs" business. 

How will COVID-19 affect our interactions? 

1. As you know, Pedalin Fools has always been a distance/location based business. Having the ability to schedule through our website, gain remote access to your bicycle(s), and then have you pay through an invoice sent to your email address, allows us to interact without direct contact. 

2. At this point we ask that all of our clients be respectful of the recently expanded CDC safety bubble of 10 feet. PLEASE! We typically work outside, which does allow for LIMITED interaction, but we prefer if you stay inside while we are at your location. 

3. Please leave your bike(s) outside for us to service whenever possible. If you need to lock the bikes for security reasons at your location, please provide a key or combination.

4. Pedalin' Fools has always worn nitrile gloves and at a minimum, depending on service package, wiped down bikes with a solution of Simple Green and water before they are serviced. At this point we are wearing fresh gloves with each service call, properly disposing of used gloves, and wiping bikes with a 70% rubbing alcohol solution before and after each bike is serviced.  We are especially focusing on the contact points (grips/handlebars, saddles). An additional wipe down as you return your bike(s) to their storage location does not hurt. Additionally, we are wiping down all tools that are used during your service and our service vehicle, where applicable. 


Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times. 


Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services introduces you to a new concept in bicycle retail. We are a mobile bicycle shop that comes to your location, be it your home or corporate/business location. For more information about the mobile bike shop concept and who we are click here.

Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services offers services throughout the Merrimack Valley, North Shore of Massachusetts and the New Hampshire Seacoast. We operate in an area that covers a 15 mile radius from our centrally located home base in Plaistow, NH. 


Pedalin’ Fools  provides a wide array of services that are designed to enhance and improve your bicycle riding experience. A few of the many services provided are bicycle repair, fitting services, custom assembly, custom wheel builds, corporate events, purchase consultation and charity ride support. For a more detailed list of the services we provide, and to schedule an appointment:

Have you had an exceptional experience with Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services, or do you have suggestions for ways we can improve? View our contact page to connect with us. You may also connect through our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Yelp. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Pedalin' Fools mobile Bicycle services brings the bike shop to your door. We service the Massachusetts North Shore, Merrimac Valley and Seacoast NH regions.